Producer BiggVon is Shaking Things Up in the Entertainment Industry; Talks on New Show ‘Toxsanity’

By Patrice Rivers @thatriverzgurlbrandllc

DaVon Phillips, popularly known as Producer BiggVon is a phenomenal and industry-leading music producer, Manager, Songwriter, Actor, and Motivational Speaker. Born and raised out of Detroit Mi, He has been involved in the music industry for over 20 years, creating music for numerous big artist across various industries. He owns a Grammy Award-winning production company, super producer, manager and the CEO of (We Got Hits Productions). BiggVon’s company has scored music placements with fortune 500 corporations such as Walmart and Target, and top-selling video games such as “NBA Live,” “E.A. Sports”, and “Madden Football. A great lover of music, his understanding of music is incredible and has contributed tremendously to the growth of the music industry. With a degree in business management and psychology, BiggVon uses both his knowledge and experience to assist both aspiring, fast-rising, and aficionados with quality sounds that match their music style and genre. His expertise cuts across all genres including Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop music, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gospel, Reggae, amongst others. Some of his career highlights including producing jingles and songs for different companies and soundtracks played on various Films, TV shows, including Lion Gates, CubeVision, ABC, CBS, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BET, Starz, SpikeTV, Fox Network, ESPN, Oxygen, and VH1.

"This show will be something amazing to watch. It speaks on toxic situations in relationships and everyday life that we all may have went through. Be prepared for relatable suspenseful episodes of Toxsanity" ~Biggvon

Patrice: What has sparked your interest in becoming a manager and producer?

Biggvon: My passion for music and wanting to be a part of cultural history.

Patrice: You have a solid career in the entertainment industry as owning a Grammy winning production company. Taking it all the way back to the earlier days, how did your career in music start?

Biggvon: Once I graduated from high school and college I was intrigued in learning more about the culture of music genres so I began my journey in music. I then met Proof of D12 who mentored me and showed me the business of the music industry; rest in power my brother.

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges in the entertainment industry as a manager and producer? If so, what solutions did you come up with?

Biggvon: Yes, there was plenty of challenges but I found my niche by becoming focused on achieving every goal I set each month which allowed me to grow as a manager, producer, and songwriter. I spoke most of what I wanted to accomplish into existence every day. Here’s a few things I practiced to become better at the craft; Prayer, Faith, Dedication, Consistency, and Persistency.

Patrice: What has been some of your memorable records produced and artists that you connected with?

Biggvon: My favorite records I produced was: Ice Cube’s ‘Barbershop 3: Back in Business’ (Real people ft. Common & Dion Primo) along with numerous other Ice Cube records, Birdman and Lil’ Wayne (Fire Flame), Fettywap (Couple Bands) and Kevin Gates (Wit It), records produced by my team Shawnski, BigSoj, Sparkz tha trakman, JbEats and the list goes on working with these artist was a dream come true for us which made my passion for music grow even further.

Patrice: Tell us more about your show ‘Toxsanity’ What can readers and viewers expect from this?

Biggvon: This show will be something amazing to watch. It speaks on toxic situations in relationships and everyday life that we all may have went through. Be prepared for relatable suspenseful episodes of Toxsanity produced by myself, Sean Gilliam, Imedia films, and Corporate Culture Films.

Patrice: You have produced records for heavy hitters such as Ice Cube, Fettywap, Lil Wayne and more! What was that like and how has that helped your career?

Biggvon: It was amazing and has opened so many doors for me and my production team to work with industry artists and companies; for which I am very grateful for. The only way to achieve greatness in this business is by believing in yourself and having a solid team that supports you. my motto is: “Keep God first pray always and do what you love.”

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