Lil Trap Museum

The pandemic has stopped a lot of things, but the movement of the culture is not one of them.

The culture will prevail, and my God bless the trap! The Trap Museum, which began in Atlanta, GA. has now made its way to Miami.

The Lil’ Trap House is a miniature 12 Feet, 36 Feet wide traveling tourism house that offers a glimpse of the main attraction museum based in Atlanta. The Trap House highlights and celebrates the cultures’s most decorated and iconic trap stars of all time.

The pop up trap house plans to move throughout the country, in hopes to give millions the trap house experience.

In the museum you will see a variety of curated stations that bring our favorite trap lyrics to life. Flewed out airline, in the kitchen whipping, or in the living room with gangster granny. Trap is a branch of rap music, that is about life on the streets. Trap lyrics are about manufacturing, selling, and using drugs, as well as some other aspects of life on the street. The name comes from the word "trap" which refers to a place where drugs are sold illegally.

Trap music is a popular genre of hip hop music known for its harsh sound and grim lyrics. We love hearing how lyricist eloquently spit rhymes about their lives. Lil Trap House came over to the historic Overtown District to pay homage to artists such as Uncle Luke, Trina, Trick Daddy, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and City Girls.