J Young MDK congratulates Mentor Jamie Foxx

Just about everyone is feeling the excitement of Pixar’s “Soul.”

It just received a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. It’s the first Pixar-Disney film to feature a Black lead actor.

Although “Soul” has its tender moments, it also is just fun, which really makes or breaks a movie, especially for Pixar audiences who like that they’re kid friendly but also include some depth – and humor – for adults.

Part of the charm and success of “Soul” is Jamie Foxx in the lead role. The longtime actor continues to demonstrate abilities to do comedy as well as get serious and everything in between, a fact that has earned him all sorts of hardware over the years, including an Oscar and Grammy.

Jamie Foxx also feels he has a responsibility to get to know and help other up-and-coming actors and performers along the way.

One of these has been J Young MDK, a musician, actor, and all-around entertainer. Last year, he made musical history by releasing a full-length hip-hop album the same day he released a full-length R&B album. He also continues an innovative effort to offer one free track each week from each album, for a campaign he calls “50Songs50Weeks.”

J Young MDK often says that he considers Jamie Foxx a friend and mentor. Foxx was also the executive producer of “Now or Never,” his 2019 album.

After hearing about the nomination and the award for “Soul,” J Young MDK was one of the first to publicly congratulate his mentor.

Part of the appeal of “Soul” is about looking for passion, which both performs have plenty of.

In addition to doing well in different musical genres, J Young MDK has directed music videos. He had a starring role in “The App that Stole Christmas,” a holiday Netflix movie.

He’s also been declared an official ambassador/influencer for the American Diabetes Association, and hopes to use his status to give hope to others dealing with this medical condition like him.

Video credit: @jyoungmdk

Pictures courtesy: @pixarsoul